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  1. Dendrophylax lindenii, the ghost orchid (a common name also used for Epipogium aphyllum) is a perennial epiphyte from the orchid family (Orchidaceae). It is native to Florida and Cuba. Other common names include palm polly and white frog orchid Name. The specific epithet "lindenii" is derived from its Family: Orchidaceae.
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  3. A central character in both is the ghost orchid (Polyrrhiza lindenii)that is indigenous to only one place in the world, the 84, acre Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve in southern Florida. Like most orchids the ghost orchid has beautiful flowers but is an ugly plant.
  4. Dendrophylax lindenii, the Ghost Orchid, grows in Cuba and the West Indies and Florida where it was known to occur in three southern counties. The Ghost Orchid is leafless with chlorophyllous roots that are gray-green in color with short white markings and are .
  5. Jul 11,  · Ghost orchids are found in Florida and Cuba, and there are only about 2, ghost orchids in the state. As few as 10 percent of them flower each year during an unpredictable window in the summer.
  6. The ghost orchid is so rare that it has been put on the list of threatened and endangered plants in Florida, one of the few places where it grows. The number of ghost orchids there is around 1,, and it is illegal to pick any of them from the wild.