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  1. Dec 28,  · Band: Trepanator Album: Mutant Birth Year: Country: France Genre: Death Metal (Old School Style) Tracks: 1. Devoured Eternal Torments 2. Burning Your Blood 3. Kill the Masters 4. Mutant.
  2. Mutant Birth by TREPANATOR, released 04 September 1. Devoured Eternal Torments 2. Burning your Blood 3. Kill the Masters 4. Mutant Birth 5. War Artefacts.
  3. Mutant Birth Trepanator. Type: EP Release date: September 4th, Catalog ID: Lineup; Other versions; Reviews; Additional notes; 1. Devoured Eternal Torments (loading lyrics) 2. Burning Your Blood (loading lyrics) 3. Kill the Masters There are no reviews for Mutant Birth yet. You can write one. Recording.
  4. Sep 18,  · Two tracks taken from the "Mutant Birth” Ep that will be released at the end of French death metal band with previous members of DEEP VEIN. Burning your blood https://trepanator1.
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  6. While “blood” can be a metaphorical way of referring to genetic relationships—an important theme in “Barn Burning”—blood is also referred to symbolically on a more basic, visceral level throughout the story.
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